3m approach Build Flawless Project Remaining Transparency in Process Start to Finish.

  • Desktop IE 8,9,10,11, Firefox 26 Chrome 31, Safari 6
  • Mobile Android 4, Safari 6,7, Safari 5.1, Opera

Requirement Analysis & Roadmap Research

After receiving your quote, the first approach you agree upon is requirement analysis where we start discussing & listening to you. This phase makes us closely comprehend client’s project specifications to be requested then we create & share a precise documentation to maintain transparency.

If you approve our well-structured project-related file, we start emphasizing over each minutest requirement together eyeball-to-eyeball. Once everything goes smooth, a dedicated manager we assign to set up a plan investigating proven development strategies used for enterprise-class results.

He will outline a roadmap for client to let him delve deep into the flow like how the project will run on each level. Getting confirmation, project manager will forward the requirements to markup developer and then begin implementation.

  • Desktop Win 7, Win XP
    Win 8, MAC
  • Mobile IOS, Android,
    Series 40, Symbian


We at HTMLPLUSCSS consistently work on the latest technologies to explore effective methods and techniques; their implementation in markup development ingeniously helps us to be ahead in the curve. No matter what new method is creating a buzz as we keep our developers & programmers acquainted with everything which is afresh, providing them high-quality training.

A continuously upgrading wheel of standards is moved time-by-time and we hold specialization to remain it maintained during the entire project development having the point of convergence. Working on particular project at a time proves our dedicated focus and guarantees serving with lightweight and optimized code within quick turnaround. We, thus assuring well-commented coding render result-oriented implementation coupled with top-notch JavaScript features and intelligent layout.

  • 1920X1080
  • 1366X768
  • 1920X1200
  • 1360X768
  • 1600X900
  • 768X1024
  • 1680X1050
  • 720X1280
  • 1440X900
  • 1280X800
  • 1280X1024
  • 1280X720
  • 1024X768
  • 600X1024
  • 320X480
  • 320X568

Quality Assurance

Once the development team confirms implementation, we handover it to Q&A team for real-time testing to ensure everything defined has been implemented exactly you wanted. The key parameters your project pass under this phase include basic SEO aspects, cross-platform and device testing, standard validation, pixel-precision, utmost performance (webpage loading speed), and browser compatibility. Thorough code reviewing also supports the backbone of quality and testing, thus assuring the client always attains bulletproof audited project as a final delivery.

We work for you until you’re satisfied with our solutions. The final delivery will be sent via mail only to the concerned person attaching a link to download. We share it after getting approval for project from your Q&A team. HTMLPLUSCSS having incredible tuning with their clients meets all the level of project expectation they deserve. Also, we provide continued technical & maintenance support free for 120 days right from the day of delivery and ensure satisfaction at the end to put smile on your face.

This sure step methodology sums up a milestone focusing all significant phases required to be done all times when moving with development process. 3M Approach of testing centered around fundamental phases like analyzing, discovering, development and quality assurance ensures the delivery of well-tested project on mobile & web supporting operating systems and browsers. Working hands-in-hands with our clients’ requisites, we commit serving you with the responsive website appearance, for which, our team also have been applauded by many clients.
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