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We accept order via quote and as soon as we receive it, a hands-on experienced co-ordinator would communicate and ask some mandatory questions. Our project manager will share documentation specifying all your requisites with exact cost & ETA of project to maintain transparency and ensure no surcharges included. We are also happy offering you discount on late project delivery but only if you agree

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident on our technical prowess used to score always high on experience. From basic banner design to high-end HTML technology solutions, you will receive assured competitive benefits at each tech standpoint. Hence, all our solutions have gotten sustained engagement and fall under 100% money guarantee. Let’s have glimpse on circumstances when you can request for money back:

  • If our team is unable to meet the requirements you shared with us.
  • If you change your mind and decide to cancel the order, but it must be done before the work started on your project.

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With Our PSD To HTML5 conversion service we convert all your designs in HTML5 and CSS3 and below is the default feature list

  • W3C Valid HTML5 Markup
  • Pixel Perfect Markup As Per Your Designs
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • SEO Friendly Code
  • Compatible With All Latest Browser
  • Minimal Use Of Scripts
  • Use of Elegant Forms
  • Handwritten Markup
  • 120 Days Free Support
  • Layout Layout
  • Footer at Bottom The Footer area will always be place at the bottom of the browser, even if there is little content
  • Mobile Device Compatibilit Allows compatibility with most native browsers on the popular mobile platforms iOS 6 (iPAD, iPHONE), Android 2.3+ and Windows phone 8
  • Non-web Fonts If there are non-web fonts in the design and you prefer to keep the text editable maintaining the original look without using images, choose one of the following alternatives.  Note: Choosing this option you confirm that the EULAs of these fonts allowWeb Embedding
  • Commented HTML Marks the structural blocks in the markup and allows to understand the code better or to have the ability to edit it. 
  • Optimized for Load Speed The size and quantity of images are optimized by choosing different compression methods for each image and using CSS Sprites techniques. The quantity and final size of CSS and JavaScript files are optimized as well. 
  • SEO Semantic Coding Implements the coding that uses SEO-valued tags to underline the most important parts of the content (H1, H2, etc.). Emphasizes content positioning techniques, moving the most important parts of content to the top of the page code. This improves page readability for search engines as well as various browsers with disabled or limited CSS. 
  • Implement SSI Templates Helps to maintain code. The code will be divided into several logical parts (files): navigation, content, header, footer, and more. These parts will be included in the main file using SSI. Note: The option is not necessary when CMS Implementation is required.
  • Advanced Semantic Data This approach is intended to bridge the gap between markup tags and the actual information they contain. Allows anyone to make the information published easily sharable and searchable.
  • WCAG 2.0 (AA) / Section 508 Ensures that user with disabilities can access the information presented on the Weg page, it covers wide range of recommendations from US state agencies. 
  • Commented CSS Allows the user to understand the code better, or to have the ability to edit it.
  • Sass CSS Extension Sass is a CSS extension language which allows you to use nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance, inline imports etc. Sass helps you keep your stylesheets well-formatted and easy to customize. 
  • Dynamic Drop Down Menu Specify if the dynamic drop down menu with CSS implementation is needed. 
  • Print Version CSS A separate print CSS stylesheet is created to ensure the correct display of the specified elements in the print view of the page
  • JavaScript Library Select jQuery if JavaScript functionality should be implemented with this framework. Functionality requirements will have to be provided. 
  • Carousel / Image Gallery A carousel gallery is a dynamic gallery that supports an unlimited number of images or videos that can be played in a browser window. It allows you to create and publish splendid web galleries of images, videos or other multimedia for your website. The main feature of such gallery is its thumbnails tape that accompanies the main big area that gives a close-up of an image or a video and brings it into focus. 
  • Tabs The tabs area is a container that has multiple panes, i.e. tabs, but shows only one pane at a time. Tabs can change dynamically on some event triggered by a user or automatically. Their usage increases the usability of your website by saving space on your Web page. Tabsswitching can be accompanied by any JavaScript effect if it is required. The quote includes the manual tabs switching with no additional effects applied. 
  • Custom Scroll If your design includes custom scrollbars, which you would like to use instead of default ones, make sure you select this option. 
  • Accordion Menu The accordion menu is a menu type with clickable sections that when clicked expand up or down to reveal a menu item. Thus you can compact all menu lists into small sections and let them expand when needed. The main thing about the accordion menu is that only one menu item can be expanded at a time.
  • Animated Sorting / Filter Sorting and filtering is an excellent solution for managing items, if you have large visual data sets. An animated filter allows to reorder and filter the content by various categories and parameters using eye-pleasing custom animations.
  • Animated Sorting / Filter Sorting and filtering is an excellent solution for managing items, if you have large visual data sets. An animated filter allows to reorder and filter the content by various categories and parameters using eye-pleasing custom animations.
  • Slider A slider is a horizontal or vertical bar with a moving handle or a pointer that can slide along the bar's length. Its movement can be triggered by a user with the help of a mouse pointer or with any control buttons. The value of the slider changes according to the position of its pointer and is set by a user or according to any other input data that can be set dynamically. 
  • Popup A popup is a menu or floating window without a title/status bar or other window decorations that may extend outside of the edge of the main window. Usually it doesn't cover the content user is currently viewing and opens in response to clicking on any marker on a Web page. 
  • Tooltip The tooltip is a graphical user interface element that is triggered when you hover your cursor over an element like a hyperlink or any other page element that triggers a tooltip. It reveals some supplementary information about the element that you can assign to explain to your users what will happen if they click on it. 
  • Calendar A calendar is a client-side script that opens a window with a calendar that can be styled according to your design. The calendar allows you to browse through to any day/month/year you like. A calendar is an irreplaceable tool for archive pages, booking sites, event pages, news sites etc.

We provide optimized cross-device compatible HTML / CSS for your designs at a flat rate (exceptions may apply) based on layout type and the selection of 6 paid options. You can specify any requirements at no extra cost.


MS Outlook 2007+
Apple Mail
Mozilla Thunderbird
AOL Webmail
Yahoo! Mail
Windows Live Mail
iOS 8+ (iPhone, iPad), Android 5+
Gmail apps for iOS
  • Retina display ready Retina display ready 
  • Animated GIF Email Animated GIF Email$29
  • iContact
  • StampReady StampReady$28
  • Mandrill Mandrill is one of the best and most popular transactional email platform choices. It is powered by MailChimp.

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