An Ultimate Guide to Outsource a PSD to HTML5 Conversion Services Company

April 30, 2018

Using PSD to HTML5 banner design for a business is a great aspect that you cannot avoid to succeed in the digital market. Even if you are a big and established firm or a small one, HTML5 display ads certainly offer multiple benefits, including good branding, mobile-friendly design, amazing UI experience, most browsers support. Apparently, web banner design revenue was $19,554 million in the year 2016-2017 which is expected 7-10% more in 2018 with the growth nearly $27,472 million.

Unlike Flash banners, HTML5 banner ads are often viewable and readable from a distance, therefore, Flash banner popularity is almost phased out. Google Chrome, a popular browser among the audience, has also stopped rendering flash banner materials. Have you observed ads displayed on several branded websites such as Dropbox, Netflix, etc., their demand continues to high since 2016 onwards. In a nutshell, you cannot neglect the importance of HTML5 ads if you really want to have strong footprints in the digital marketing.

What’s new in 2018…

So many technologies are out there to develop company logo design. Same applies to banner makers; a large number of banner design services providers are already in the market and many more to come. As experts suggest, welcome everything new which can bring innovation and further can help a business to grow. PSD to responsive HTML5 banner conversion is one of those technologies. This is almost grueling for any technology to take over HTML5 for banner ad design. It provides a great experience to the audience and continuously surpasses your business catering to better exposure.


Top Performer Banner Ad Sizes

As per Google search engine, following banner ad sizes perform really well on the web and get more click-through. Here is the list of banner sizes with a sample image to display how a particular size of ad looks like:


Ad sizeDescriptionText adsDisplay adsMobile text and display ads*
Also known as a “medium rectangle”. Tends to have more ad inventory available from advertisers, which can increase earnings when both text and image ads are enabled.

Performs well when embedded within text content or at the end of articles.

Also known as a “large rectangle”. Tends to have more ad inventory available from advertisers, which can increase earnings when both text and image ads are enabled.

Performs well when embedded within text content or at the end of articles.

Also known as a “leaderboard”. Tends to have more ad inventory available from advertisers, which can increase earnings when both text and image ads are enabled.

Performs well if placed above main content, and on forum sites.

Sometimes referred to as a “half page”. This format provides a larger space for advertisers to get their message across and can offer users rich engagement.

The 300×600 is one of the fastest growing sizes by impressions and is indicative of a trend where publishers are offering more visually impactful ad sizes that are preferred by brand advertisers.

Also known as the “large mobile banner”. Can be used an alternative to the 320×50 and the 300×250.

These ads offer advertisers twice the height of our standard “mobile leaderboard”.

Who Should You Hire for Your Banner Design PSD: A Developer or A Company?

Before you start interviewing developers or making a list of best PSD to HTML conversion services providers, there are some important things to be taken care.

  • A file size of your banner especially when it is HTML5 display ad. For this, certain publisher specifications are available in the market, so a developer or company you are planning to opt for must be acquainted with these publisher specifications.
  • There are many tools to simplify the developer’s job and to reduce their average development time. The developer or service provider must possess expertise in such tools and is responsible to serve you with a complete banner design of your choice before/on a timeline.


5 PSD to HTML5 banner Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring

To help you choose the right PSD to HTML5 conversion services provider or a developer, here are a few questions you must ask before hiring.

Question #1

What framework do you have hands-down experience in? Do you have a sound understanding of Adobe Edge or Google Adwords banner design tool?

Having experience in HTML5 does not mean developer knows in and out of HTML5 banner design frameworks and how it works. In an aspect of coding, each framework works differently and it requires enough practice and efforts to learn. Therefore, rather wasting time on an inexperienced developer or service provider you should invest in a deft company or a dexterous developer which can complete your requirements to the fullest.

Question #2

Are you acquainted with JS Animation tools?

Animation plays an important role to create an attention-grabbing banner ad. Though Flash is obsolete so choosing it is no longer a great option, but HTML5 can help you get it done. Syncing videos, as well as audios using HTML5 language, is indeed a back-breaking task. On the other hand, JS animation tools provide advanced features and come in handy with small file sizes and plug-ins. GreenSock is one of the best animation tools that supports Adobe Edge and Google Web Design. Also, this popular tool decreases loading time and file size.

Question #3

Are you familiar with ads server tools? Do you know the process of building HTML5 ads on a server?

A wide range of banner server tools is available in the IT industry, such as DoubleClick, Celtra, Sizmek, and many more. These tools are used for managing a great marketing campaign and allow you to track your ad success. They make your banner designs effectively so that it can get maximum attention of potential customers.

Question #4

How to keep banner size compact?

The lesser ad file size, faster your banner loads, and faster user can see it. HTML5 supports almost all browsers, videos, audios, and devices, hence it is usually more complex than Flash in terms to keep the file size compact. But nothing is impossible in development, so here are some ways to compact your banner file size:

  • Use compact JS
  • Compress PSD images but make sure quality remains maintained
  • Use SVG instead of PNG, JPG, and GIF
  • Use animation and font optimization
  • Use CSS stylesheet to have solid gradients and colors

An experienced HTML5  banner developer must know these techniques to create a banner design in the least possible file size.

Question #5

Do you ensure correct banner rendering on different browsers and devices?

Using HTML5 for the outsource banner design work provides benefits of multiple devices and browsers support. However, coding needs to be done properly for the best result. Quality is something nobody would want to compromise with. Thus, a developer should make sure that your banner is well tested and provides same UI/UX experience across devices and browsers with no constraints.


I hope this post will help you find the best PSD to HTML5 banner Conversion Company in your budget. If you have any question in your mind about HTML5 banner design services that should be a part of this list, feel free to let us know.

Before hiring a PSD to HTML5 conversion Services Company or a dedicated HTML5 developer, always ask them these 5 questions. After this, you will find a few service providers best to your business requirements and budget. Make a list of them and then start comparing each other in terms of customer reviews, money back policy, quality, and delivery timeline. This finally helps you pick the perfect resource for your exceptional web banner design.

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