Bootstrap 4.0: New Development News (Update) for Designers

July 25, 2016

Bootstrap 4.0 alpha, a changing development update for designers has become the most discussing topic from the day when the new features was announced to be added in the latest version. And, that made curious to scrutinize what’s new and better in Bootstrap 4.0 that might conceal version 3 from others. Really, it was bit excited moment to abreast with this emergence especially the style and visual appearance differences. So, with the plan to provide a visual guide by making an ingenious venture, HTMLPLUSCSS is all set to help the clients bring all new elements to work while converting PSD to HTML.

Exploring What Announced For The First Time In Bootstrap 4.0

Panels Turned Into Cards

An amazing change in this version is; .panel and .well have replaced with .card. Does it really make sense? Of course, this is because cards fall under the category of responsive designing trends and are known one of the eminent ways to meet the requirement. They also offer a versatile power to be used singularly or with equal height or bundled together. But, you’ll experience all probably same in terms of visual appearance. You get the difference.

Difference betweenBootstrap 3.X panel & Bootstrap 4 Card

  • The credit goes to Flexbox and display:table (display:table works when Flexbox is disable) that have made the groups’ creation is not a rocket science especially when they are created of equal height cards.
  • Same as Bootstrap 3, designers will enjoy contextual card colors in Bootstrap 4.0 too but in enhanced version as they are bolder and more tightly coupled with inverse backgrounds.

Difference Between Bootstrap 3.x panel & Bootstrap 4.x



Look At Improved Grids

Before going to take gander at the recently changed grids, we will throw limelight on the previous version means Bootstrap 3 and their 4 grid tiers named ‘xs’, ’sm’, ‘md’ and ‘lg’. The smallest breakpoint supports an array of devices lesser than 768px width. Not a single way was available there to simply develop varied grid layouts equivalent to 375px smartphone screens. Also, there was no option to distinguish landscape and portrait mode while handling on handheld devices.


Highest Tier in Bootstrap 3


On contrary, moving ahead with Bootstrap 4 will serve you with the latest grid tier beneficial to handle designs on a broad range of small mobile device widths. Now 5 breakpoints will involve in twitter Bootstrap offering support for all typical landscape and portrait screen widths. An additional tier it introduces with ‘col-xl-*’ class in order to boost media query length downward to 544px or you can say 34 em according to the recently defined sizing.


  • No worry about larger mobile screens like desktop and laptop as the latest XL breakpoint has been included for larger screen sizes.


Highest Tier in Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 Large Tier for Landscape Tablets

Bootstrap 4 Large Tier for Portrait Tablets


  • All tiers contained in 4.x fit now perfectly in 544px to 768px tier. It means that this smaller ‘xs’ breakpoint will entertain the designers providing them ease via an improved support to target all possible screen widths less than 544px. An ultimate portrait smartphone support!


Bootstrap Tier for Smartphone

  • Furthermore, it allows developing layouts for such screen widths. Go through its brief extract to thoroughly comprehend how all BS 4 grid tiers actually work.


Excellent Typography

As the Cards have gained your attention in the very first point, larger typography is one of the prettiest additions being rolled into this update. What’s new default font size? This has taken swiftly shift from 14px to 16Px. Besides this, an extra factor has added into the chain for large display headings which will undoubtedly give an outstanding look improving the text quality. All ‘rem’ units are the originator of font sizing.

Buttons With Better Look & Feel

It has been developed for designers possessing versatile aptitude levels, gadget of all screen sizes and ventures of all shapes. Effectiveness comes into the heart of matter, hence, don’t squandered time digging into alternate solutions and emphasize on what afresh Bootstrap 4 brings to you to focus on. The difference is obvious between Bootstrap 2.x and 3.x and it was moved from lower to higher because of specific reason which was shifting from gradient to flat design. Apparently, their impact was on navigation as well as button styling. This most utilized system draws attention of people with the latest version 4 rendering enhanced look and feel. To prove that, let’s discuss buttons as an example with clear illustration that are outlined in impressive flavor and remained flat.

Bootstrap 4 Default buttons


Responsive Floats Based On Grid Tier

The lack of features (custom classes and CSS media query) was an obstacle that Bootstrap 4 has knocked out from the field providing such an amazing feature called responsive floats. It is used often for floating element (left to right or right to left) and dependent on grid tier. See the latest scenario which has changed the way of designing, by which, you will align the elements right via float:right. This situation came into light on specific tier, otherwise, it will return float:none as a default. Want to float right at medium grid breakpoint? The option ‘pull-md-right’ is enough to meet the need.


Responsive Floats Based On Grid Tier  



The release of Bootstrap 4 will prove big news for the designers of different aptitudes and undoubtedly uncover a wide range of development features. With official launch, designing control will completely in your hands via text alignment classes taken into account for responsive text balancing, spacing utility classes for margin, and more.

As of now, released Bootstrap 4 alpha is available and under WTF. Browse official Bootstrap blog to track the progress going on this update.

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