Bootstrap vs. Foundation – Which is a Super-prime?

October 2, 2017

If you want to know which one is the laborious framework for the front-end development, this blog based on comparison will indeed help you choose whether you should go with PSD to Bootstrap conversion or PSD to Foundation. Here the battle starts between Bootstrap vs. Foundation describing their full-featured tussle.


While there are various options available at your hand, but making final decision to choose one out of the list of two is similar to pick between two equally comforting wines. Both are major participants and rich with powerful features that let you streamline the process of designing responsive and sleek for the web applications. It’s an unfolding battle which gradually gets mushroomed.

What CSS framework Means to Web Designers?

A plethora of bypaths to which the IT industry deplores is still popular in many organizations. Is it supposed to be a great choice? The CSS Frameworks are used to meet the custom designing needs to the fullest. Rather than referring to the cumbersome coding, such great frameworks provide you an additive advantage to bolster speed, standardize scripts, and save the precious time. A good CSS framework like Bootstrap for users/designers means to offer ease to the entire web designing process by delivering the bundle of features it contains. It is a powerhouse incorporating the best structure, back-end, and scripts such as Java, CSS or HTML5.

How Handy CSS frameworks are for the Web Professionals?

Let’s discuss the features and ease that a good framework provides to the web designers to simplify their process in any way:

  • Quick grid creation
  • Cross-browser support
  • Typography style
  • Easy-to-use, simple, and standard package of classes
  • Fast website development and prototyping
  • Ability to build fully-working responsive website

The research says: nearly 12% of top-rated 100,000 sites are built with Bootstrap. On the other side of the table, only ¼ sites of total Bootstrap record use framework named Foundation. According to the statistics mentioned above Bootstrap is a clear winner.

CSS frameworks


Initially, the designers Jacob Thornton and Mark Toto developed Bootstrap for the responsive design. The community of developers at Twitter started contributing their efforts after a few months later and introduced multifarious features & functionality that make this framework super powerful nowadays. This is why they now loudly claim that it is a complete package for designers of all level of skills, projects of all (small to large) sizes, and devices of all shapes & sizes. Therefore, PSD to Bootstrap conversion services are so demanding in the market.


  • Comes with several unique templates and provides ability to perform customization if needed
  • Gives a top-class support to various mobile sizes and shapes
  • Contains grid system possessing both fluid and fixed patterns
  • Serves you with gigantic development possibilities that are better than Foundation in all means

Several well-known web development service providers prefer to use their own system. By using this tool, therefore, they follow PSD to custom Bootstrap development approach to get exactly what they want.


Code developed using Bootstrap is not that much light-weight



This front-end framework developed in 2011, Foundation has creative cum advanced interface, holds cross-browser compatibility feature, and provides ability to develop responsive websites, products as well as services.


  • Comes with robust grid system
  • Offers customization ability for websites
  • Promotes fast project development
  • Contains ready-to-use code and a set of pre-defined templates
  • Provides services for emails


  • Customization is a bit complex and needs more effort and time
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Tough to make changes to the code

Due to these disadvantages and more, it is less popular than Bootstrap.


Let’s compare Bootstrap vs Foundation features

Comparison ParametersBootstrapFoundation
Created ByTwitterZURB
Latest VersionBootstrap 4.0 Alpha 6Foundation 6.4
Grid SystemFlexbox-basedFloated (Flexbox comes in the latest version only)
Community112k +Stars on Github25.8k + Stars on GitHub
PreprocessorLESS & SAASSAAS
Inline FormsYesNo
DesignContains a variety of customizable designsNot appealing
Reset / NormalizationReboot.cssNormalize.css
Browser SupportChrome (Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android), Safari (Mac and iOS only), Firefox (Mac and Windows), Opera (Mac and Windows) IE9+Chrome (Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android), Safari (Mac and iOS only), Firefox (Mac and Windows), Opera (Mac and Windows) IE9+


Foundation Version 6.4

XY grids

This version has been recently introduced with a new default grid called XY grid. Their community claims that it is a strong grid system and helps you manage the layouts vertically and horizontally.

Smooth scrollin”

As the name defines – this feature is to add smooth scrolling behavior to any link, which is available on the webpage.


To setup Smooth Scroll behavior via an individual link:


Easier prototyping

Prototyping made confuse folks in the earlier versions of Foundation, but it now brings better ways to make the production and prototyping process simpler. The Foundation users will experience “prototype mode” that improves the speed of prototyping function.

Flexbox by default

However, the feature for float-mode is already available, but Flexbox is what Foundations now focuses on.


Moved to ES2016

This CSS framework has switched the architecture from JavaScript to ES2016 that is called module-based architecture. It still offers backward compatibility for those who don’t have module bundler.


Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6

Enhanced Grid System

There are three major improvements made available in the grid system of this version:

  • Disabling grid classes using SAAS variable.
  • Adding one section into the document for the grid customization.
  • Providing comprehensive grid classes that are simple to use.

You will experience all these enhancements in both grids; Flexbox and Standard.


The significant changes proposed to the forms in the Alpha 4 version where some vital refinements are for component layout, sizing, and alignment. This simplifies the forms while using them into the documentations. Help Text and Form validation, two key upgrades are now ready to be used with the release of Bootstrap Alpha 4.

Automatic Margin

Flexbox can do some pretty awesome things when you mix flex alignments with auto margins.

IE9 Compatible

This popular framework for developing responsive websites has finally released the long awaited IE9 support update for its users.

Modern System Font

Earlier there were two system font called Arial and Helvetica supporting Bootstrap, which has become better, modern and advanced with some more system fonts. This change in system font has been done for the companies like Mac, Google and Apple, in order to help them target their latest gadgets and devices. No update for Linux users is yet received.

Advanced Navbar

For nav components, Bootstrap was limited with certain styles and those styles were impossible to set for users by using variables. But, the latest update comes up with improved features and takes care of this style limitation for nav components.


Final Words:

Well, it is all done about the comparison and we have talked enough about both. Each one of them has pros and cons. When it is asked by designers to choose one over another, it totally depends on personal preferences and how comfortable they are with specific front-end framework. If we compare Bootstrap vs Foundation, Bootstrap is a clear winner in the battle and HTMLPLUSCSS is a leading PSD to Bootstrap conversion service provider for value for money PSD to Bootstrap HTML services.

No doubt that Bootstrap is so popular these days and Foundation is just used as an alternative to it. Stats show the prominence of Bootstrap and its features are constantly increasing the range of the users. Folks more rely on it and prefer for the mobile-first website development.

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