The What for Email Template Design: An Ultimate Checklist

November 20, 2017

The HTML email template is a must-have promotional strategy for marketing a business, establishing a strong customer relationship and acquiring leads with maximum revenues. There are several things to emphasize on while running an e-marketing campaign starting from the layout and design of the email template and it continues to focus on the content, color, size, and more. The biggest hurdle often comes across the email marketers is generating potential leads. Although their primary motive is to drain out opt-in leads by drafting a concise email and optimizing its design for mobile and desktop devices.

The best promotional strategy is PSD to email template design. Do you agree?

The email marketing seems so demanding as depicted above in the image. For many, it is the best strategy to opt-in while others consider it as a second option after other tactics, such as social media, SEO, etc. For the reason of preferences, it is not yet the choice of all email marketers, but the fact is, there is no denying as it produces ultimate results.

PSD to Email template design is six times better to get more click-through than from your tweet. In terms of forming a pillar of maximum reach, it is undoubtedly an unbeatable approach. It spreads your promotional messages in an effective way and helps to power up long-term relationships with customers.

Here is the checklist of what is important to your HTML/HTML5 email template design:

Send email campaign with storytelling visuals

What does attract you first, visuals or plain text? Apparently, it is visuals that our brain gets attracted from and works faster than the simple text. And, the research says it is almost 60% faster. A normal human brain completes the visual analysis process in just a fraction of seconds. It means that they contribute a comprehensive role to get more click-throughs from your emails template design even it is in the congested inbox of people.

We found that when there is a discussion on email marketing, people start giving their views and, a debate between the plain text supporters and HTML email supporters continues to high. Let’s talk about which one is better out of them and why. It is difficult to analyze the open rate of emails by sending them in the plain text format. The business owners by sending such emails might not get clarity of the actual campaign results. On the other hand, if you use HTML/HTML5 emails that resonate with your target audience can give your business an exposure around the world. This interactive way of delivering email templates strikes their mind and keeps them engaging. So, having the professional cum interactive PSD to email templates with content and visuals that remain in your potential audience is necessary. For the matter of saving time, pre-made email templates can be utilized. Adding a level of customization and flexibility to complete them is enough if they can convey your promotional message.

Favor fonts that stick your business

The key to solving many text issues is to select the right font which functions fine across operating systems and their supporting browsers. Hence, put the accessibility always forward. It ensures text readability and the way it is delivered exactly you intended for. Rather random selection, make a list of at least 2-3 font options you find most suitable for your email templates and ensure consistency. You should set a standard design including as interactive and personal as possible content to maximize the open rate of your emails.

Create a stunning layout

When it is about email template, every company follows a standard layout whether they create it from the scratch and get its copyright or customize any layout which is flexible enough and meets your needs to the fullest. Make sure whatever layout you follow is standard to all your email template designs. While creating or customizing it, arrange the place to keep the important content and/or subject line above the fold. You can get details on fold vs above the fold design, from our previous post.

The content assembling from top to the end should be accurate in your selected layout design. The often used size to opt-in for templates is height 350 pixels and width 650 pixels. It can be accessed through almost all available email clients and is therefore getting rid of the exigency to the scroll down. Not to miss out any subscribers to land on services or product you are selling, make it a priority for you to keep CTA with the header when creating the layout of the email template.

Evade information overloaded

The information overloading kills your productivity. Do you agree? Yes, it blocks the way of passing what it was exactly intended to convey. Placing too much information makes reader confuse and annoying and they do not get any conclusion even after reading the whole information twice or thrice. Due to busy life these days, people don’t have time to go through your information twice or more, so make it interesting and crisp. Hence, it is advisable to segregating your email content into multiple pieces and then place them based on priority. Always have a simple but catchy heading followed with sub-headings in order to enhance the readable of content.

Pick colors matching to your brand theme

Choose the right colors for your email template design that resonate with your brand theme to balance similarity. This is a better way than picking from the color wheels as it more emphasizes on your theme and strikes the reader to resemble it with your business in just first look. An email template with clean look grabs hundreds of thousands readers and functions well along your email marketing strategy.

In summary:

The bottom line is that email marketing exists with maximum possibilities to produce optimal results. It is as effective as other tactics and through stats, it is clear that this email marketing strategy increases the response rate as well as open rate. Although it is natural to face so many blocks when working with pixel perfect email template design, but these can be sorted out. The most important aspect is responsiveness, which never let you down and works absolutely well across all the smart handheld and computer devices without any concern of display.

By following these checklists, we are sure you will be able to boost up your response rate through significant responsive email template design. To truly get the optimal result, you can contact us and acquire PSD to email template design services at affordable cost. If you don’t rely on our words, simply checkout our portfolio.


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