Highlighting 7 UI/UX Trends for PSD to HTML Website Development

February 19, 2018

Several trends in the front-end development industry come with an exit gate. They often disappear within a short duration. However, some of them mark their presence for a long. So, it is obvious to worry about which fashion to be followed to have a simplistic yet professional PSD to HTML website design. You may at risk following a chain of trends that other business runners are opting for if your audience does not like it. Therefore, it is a wise decision to research thoroughly before taking a sneak look and rolling out the new version of your website.

Be a trendsetter, not a follower in the year 2018. Here is the list of effective UX/UI designs that indeed will influence other designers to consider:

  • Bold Shades with Odd Colors

In recent few years, it has been observed and seen that bold typography providing a great user experience only if it is used with a control. The indication of using a dynamic tone of shades affirms the professional website appearance in coming years. Although it is true that a unique shade palette, gradient, and duotones can open enormous ways for a brilliant user interface.

Typography provides your website with a strong identity highlighting the styles and tone of your web pages. And, experts unveil that the year 2018 will get creatively crafted but simple designs that can leave an impressive identity among designers and business runners of a different domain.

  • Impressive Instances

Have forgotten a time when studying stocks, logos, imagery, and videos were required to serve a fruitful service? Or, even the same was needed to have functionality clarification. Nowadays, the trend has changed a bit and users explore completeness, flawlessness, smoothness, and easiness from the brand before they are ready to utilize.

Animated elements, bespoke examples, infographics, vertical scrolling and inventive visuals give a new life to the website in realness. They are capable to provide lively and amicable approach, as a result, it adds a favor of fun too when used seamlessly into the web page.

  • Responsive design

Responsive HTML5 website development is something around us for not only months but also years. Why it became trendy in just a couple of months because it has served the purpose. A responsive web page adjusts automatically as per device it is accessed on. No matter the responsive page is accessed through which screen size device, it provides the same user interface across all devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. So, what we should forecast for the coming year is to take the responsive web design up with fast loading speed.

Responsive Design

  • Quick Loading Speed

Loading speed is important for the web pages as it plays a significant role to bring your customers and retain them for a long time. Folks most often don’t stay more than 30 seconds on a website if it does not open within that duration. They think better going to other sites rather wasting time to wait more than 30 seconds. Hence, this is now obvious to ensure that fast speed persists with responsive design in your site so that you can provide smooth user experience.

  • Story-oriented Video

First of all, we want to clear that there is no rule or mandate guideline to pursue video and/or moving images over the website developed by an experienced developer or a PSD to HTML company. Their use catches the clients’ eyeball and apparently, it has provided many website runners with profitable results. So, taking them is a good way but while using it, follow the rule that video must be created around your brand. Be ensured it holds the power of the brand message and conveys a story of it.

Here are some pros of using video:

  • Repurposes content into endless offshots
  • Provides strong muscles with creative flexibility
  • Creates an emotional connection and inspires visitors towards action
  • Brings you ahead of the curve
  • Promotes your business campaign
  • Brings text, images, identity, and audio together and drives forward as a piece of marketing initiatives

PSD to HTML company

In addition, using video as a flexible medium acts as an effective channel for narrating and promoting product services. It creates a kind of connection with users and is therefore called as engaging and dynamic medium too.

  • Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a process of fast mocking up, then keeping it as a website or an application, and letting it open on large scale for designers, users, stakeholders and developers so that they can validate.

It is a process composed of following three steps:

Prototyping: It is a process itself of converting the solution description into mock-up utilizing the standards and best practices defined for the user experience.

Review: In this process, share the developed prototyping with users and let them evaluate and affirm whether this prototyping fulfills their expectations or not.

Refine: Depending on feedback received from the users, identify the loopholes and scope of improvement to refine the solution and make it clarified.

Now, you have observed why people moving from simple prototyping to rapid prototyping. This can serve your users with an impressive user experience.

  • Living Off-Grid

Traditionally, most designers relied on grid-built systems but saying it goodbye gives a rise of new thinking, and designers will pay less focus to rigid lines and further go beyond the grid system. In 2018 and onwards, they will try fluid designs in a little amount.

An expressive and impressive UI/UX design create a whole new and seamless flow for visitors and designers, and using borderless design on the site takes it to the next level of success.

Wrap up:

It was not possible to list down all hundreds of trends in just 1000 words, so we brought a comprehensive list of UI/UX trends that you must follow in 2018 while converting PSD to HTML code for pixel perfect design. They simplify the user experience on different screen size devices, such as  tablet, mobile, and desktop. Furthermore, they help in managing navigation and web page design templates in order to render the same experience while accessing through different mobile and computer devices.


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