How to Export Sketch to HTML – The Complete Pocket Guide

June 26, 2018

With a big community of potential users, Sketch UI design tool has made development easier in real time. And, Launchpad, a popular plugin, works even beyond the users’ expectation in Sketch, especially it is handy to export Sketch design to HTML code and publish a website. Don’t be confused if anyone says it a WYSIWYG editor because it is not. Well, this is more to export HTML and CSS. Having several impressive features, it has become none other than a demanding exporter plugin that saves your development time and returns the valuable results. Let’s delve into what the Launchpad caters to front-end web developers:

  • Font family with varied fonts as a fallback system
  • Version feature to maintain the different versions
  • Responsive website design when it is amalgamated with Sketch’s auto layout
  • Simple integration with Google Analytics
  • Several social networking/media meta tags, such as Open Graph, and more
  • Videos, forms, and links to make the impressive yet professional design
  • Search engine optimization including meta description, title, etc.
  • Keyboard-centric flow for the web design (Almost Sketch alike)
  • Publishing, domains, and hosting

Launchpad gives you varied tool options to develop the effective static websites. It is a sort of foundation for creating your own website. Indeed, you save several precious hours and of course money too. Because, time is money nowadays, hence saving each second/minute is valuable for a business growth. Fortunately, all this is not going to take you at the success line still it helps you have the little-optimized code which definitely benefits in the lead conversion and SEO. Therefore, you need to take a few manual moves with the code and here these moves are:

  • Adding custom meta tags to the code if required for SEO purpose.
  • Adding a Schema markup to help multiple search engines understand your site and parse your website’s information effectively. It actually improves visibility on the web.
  • Refining the responsive as well as adaptive layout qualities so that your website can be accessed through any mobile device of different sizes.
  • Coding JavaScript markup if it is the requirement of your business to make it more comprehensive.
  • Coding the necessary backend functionality ensuring that there is no loophole. If it is, fix it before the site is launched, otherwise, this may stop your code working properly on browsers.
  • Minimizing perf tricks of the website creation so that it does not impact on your revenues.

A Guide to Export Sketch Design to HTML

The Sketch to website conversion needs many steps to be performed. And, this whole process of transforming Sketch layers and artboards into a bunch of files involves HTML/CSS markup, font files, images, etc. Once the bunch of HTML converted files is ready, it must undergo to the optimization process in order to ramp up the website loading speed.

While designing anything (icons, websites, mobile applications, etc.) in Sketch, you often want to export some creative portion of your design or maybe the entire creation. Through Sketch tool, you can mark what you like to export and how it should be exported.

For sharing your creation with anyone, you can perform any of the following actions:

  • Go to Menu (press Shift +CMD+E) and then click Share > Export.
  • In the toolbar click the Export item.

Once you work upon Sketch to responsive HTML, you will experience infinite Canvas in size. Hence, you need to tell Sketch designing tool which portion of the design you like to be exported. On selecting the Export button, this tool shows a dialog box listed with all layers that are exportable in the Sketch Canvas, no matter whether these are the ordinary layers, slices, or artboards. You choose which of them you want by selecting or deselecting the options from the available Canvas list.


Now that we wish you are well known with the awesome functionalities which Launchpad automatically caters, and what you can take it from by some manual moves. Therefore, it is more recommended by the experts for the website creation, else Sketch to HTML service is an alternative if it is taken by the leading Sketch to HTML service providers.

We hope you enjoy exporting Sketch to HTML. If you have anything to share regarding what you read earlier in this article, feel open for it.

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