Is Google Web Designer #1 Banner Ad Designing Approach?

July 25, 2016

Google Web Designer or in short “GWD”, a new but most admired way of creating web banner ad design is finally predicted as the future of advertising, launched in 2013 by Google itself. There will be no longer support for the rest flash ads in campaign from the day of entering into the year 2017. Are you still using Flash ads? If yes, you won’t longer be able to take advantage of Adwords as of now. HTMLPLUSCSS is a way to out of this situation and attains state-of-the-art banner designs if you want to have animation in your banner ads.

Why Google Web Designer Has Predicted The Future of Banner Ads creation?

Nearly 3 years this professional authoring tool built with HTML5 has completed successfully and is being now considered as the perfect alternative of Adobe Photoshop. While this free tool is still in beta, but it is being loved as came in the market along years ago. Due to this notability, Google Adwords has stopped uploading Flash-powered display ads from 30 June 2016. With this news, it seems like Flash has reached the last throes. Similar to Photoshop (in terms of look & feature), GWD enables adding text and images in varied layers to provide a quality of animation and that it provides for every layer in a very short span of time. So, enjoy the benefits with a great view.

How GWD Works: A Visual Guide

Step 1:

The process of creating afresh banner ad will start with tapping over New. And, that lands you on the page as shown below:

Google Web Designer

Step 2:

See the horizontal menu list under “Create New Blank File” and pick 2nd option called “Banner” which would be your ad type.

Step 3:

Following fields are mandatory to be filled out so enter the values or choose the options correctly:

  • Name: Naming is necessary for your ad because it will use as the HTML file name here.
  • Location: Select a location where you want to save file on your local computer. Another option for the file saving is Google Drive.
  • Environment: Every ad needs an environment where it can run and GWD offers 3 significant environments known AdWords ad, DoubleClick, and AdMob. Get benefitted with 3 in just one program. Blimey! Want to have Non-Google file structured with no ad coding? Do it now and run the ad easily where you wish, to which, pick the option from corresponding drop-down.
  • Dimensions: Most of the dimension sizes (that are pretty common) you’ll find browsing drop-down and you’re just a click away to choose the specific one from the listed. If you want your banner size custom, pick “Custom” option then the rest fields visible just next to that to enter values (Height and width) manually. Also, an option of having responsive layout is waiting for your response. These sort of ads fit to all devices matching their viewports, hence, simply mark the respective checkbox from your single mouse click to get utmost outcome.
  • Dimension Mode: You must have to select at least one out of two wherein Quick enables animating ad screen by screen and on the other hand, Advanced allows animating individual elements in their decided timeframe.

Step 4:

Tap OK to give an ending to your ad creation. Click here ( for detailed information.

Reasons Behind Google Web Designer Eminence At Your Glance

  • Nowadays, an ample of folks is desperate to use this HTML5 tool and establishing their strong footholds digitally.
  • This is dynamic and used fairly for creating fades, expandable ads, multifaceted layered effects, and slide ins since the day it has been allowed you to include text and pictures together or over each other.
  • Flexibility is integral to acquire perfectly exported ads and you can get it via this powerful program, therefore ensuring this feature gives a fantabulous opportunity to upload ads.
  • Additionally, a facility to code ads to perform editing will entertain you.
  • It has undoubtedly been accepted as the most validated authoring tool wherein another solid functionality unveils like Adword will dig into each ad and their dimensions. And, maintaining transparency it declares the bulletproof result which came after the filtration of Adwords’ depth reading.
  • The errors generally occurred and need a bit more trials if your ads are like images. Hence, experts suggest going for ad that seems like HTML5 rather than an image. Why? Because, they not only will eradicate time to be taken but also provide ease to move forward even if the text changes are required.

Let’s Discuss The Future of HTML5 Ads

It is damn sure that you’re thinking, is there really any future of HTML5 ads? Then, the answer is; of course, it has a marvelous future. Also, another question will come in your mind- “it is the best tool to whom”? A plethora of people with a curiosity are working on this amazing tool especially who want to create animated ads. It is one perfect option to pick for those who posses expertise in HTML & CSS or are at least familiar with these both technology. After getting a much priority from Google, Google web designer may change the advertising realm soon when flash ads are phased out. A good change the advertising industry will definitely experience!

Nobody recommends GWD for novice users. The reason is; it is still in beta, therefore a few indispensable features will demand from you to apply some tweaks to get result you want. You can quote us (HTMLPLUSCSS), a world eminent banner design company for cutting-edge solutions like custom, responsive, animated banner designs.


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