PSD to HTML: Best Way to Convert Design to Code

February 4, 2018

There was a time when designing websites was a bit easy. With ongoing changes and trends in the web development, many things are on now a plate but what is best or what to choose is still complicated. As a result, people have shifted from PSD to HTML conversion services. Several ready-to-use HTML templates are out there, to simplify your task of website designing. People have different perception about templates; some find them easy for front-end development whereas others find them not suitable for their requirements. Whether there is a requirement to convert a simple design into HTML or to develop an impressive template-based website, a good understanding of HTML, XHTML, and CSS markup coding is necessary.

Requirement of PSD to HTML Service

  • The business scenario changes with the time and new trends. As a result, their business requirements of the website development have also changed. Converting PSD to HTML is a base to get the CMS (WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla) or eCommerce (Magento, Shopify or Bigcommerce) powered website.
  • Nowadays, almost every small firm is now digital. It means that the e-business has earned a strong need across the industry. So, to fulfill the increased demand and save time, HTML and CSS markup came into direct use for the web development.
  • Cross-browser compatibility is one of the reasons to acquire the best PSD to HTML service from a leading service provider who is in the development industry for years. In comparison to the desktop users, the ratio of mobile users is increasing day by day. It means that Photoshop design to HTML conversion is inevitable these days.
  • As per Google, if a website is not mobile responsive, it may lose the potential customers. Therefore, it is necessary to have a website which is easy going on both sorts of devices so that a business target both desktop and mobile users. Nowadays it is a necessity to get them (both mobile and desktop users) all together on a website, to grow its ROI.
  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a very known term in the digital market, is used to acquire high ranking on popular search engines. A good conversion brings SEO into the picture and helps your website get a high rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. People search for a service or product on search engines using keywords, not by using any website name if they are not specific to one company. Apparently, the top-ranked websites do more business. Therefore, each business in the digital world needs a good rank so that they can get more click-through for their site.
  • Today’s web standards are strict than years ago. Hence, anything published on the web must follow those standards to be able to get profits. The world wide web consortium (W3C) has some guidelines for code which are mandatory for all to be followed when developing a website.
  • The PSD files cannot be used directly on the website, so, to let them all accessible on the web, they are converted into the HTML/CSS markup compliant with W3C standards.

Need to Acquire PSD to HTML Service Providers

Indeed, PSD to HTML conversion is not a child’s play. It requires a certain skill set to perform a job with respect to the website development. Of course, it is a time-consuming task too. Hence, it has become essential to hire a professional PSD to HTML company to have an expressive website. Ensure that the company is in the same industry for years or it possesses enough expertise to meet the requirements.

Let’s list down the reasons to opt for PSD to HTML conversion services provider:

  • Hand-coded markup: Automatic code conversion through templates neither can meet all the custom requirements nor can solve each minutest technical issue. Thus, the hand-written code is preferred over automatic. The semantic markup adds some advancement to the website code. Therefore, the professional PSD to HTML/CSS service companies, who provide semantic and hand-written code, are sought-after for the website development.
  • Mobile responsiveness: The responsive layout is required to make a website accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. Making a mobile responsive site is not an overnight work especially for who are new to the development. Even an experienced HTML developer needs at least some days to finish HTML conversion, working with the responsive layout.
  • Cutthroat competition: Due to high competition in the market, it has become fundamental to have a visually appealing website. As early as one get it developed per business need, the ways to boost the conversion rate increases. Hiring a veteran developer or a service provider is a need to save money and time in the current competitive world.
  • Customization: Code provided by ready-to-use templates does not always meet customization needs because requirements vary from business to business. They do not always generate easy-to-read code neither it is sure that it is W3C compliant. This precisely generates a need to convert code manually. This is another reason to choose a leading PSD to HTML company for the PSD conversion.
  • Loading Speed: Ensure that the website developed for any business consumes less time to load. No one has time to wait for loading a web page. If any website lacks in performance, users go away from such sites in just a few seconds. By writing less but readable and complete code, HTML tech savvy ensures that the website’s loading speed is as fast as possible.
  • On-time delivery: Another criterion more than the quality of work is timely delivery. Hiring a developer for the part-time or hiring a company makes it easy to get a well-developed website within a stipulated time. Satisfaction is something each client expects from a service provider as none of us can compromise on it.

To be precise, there are other reasons than the technical work and the quality which are expected to deliver by a company or developer if being hired.

  • Reasonable cost
  • Timely delivery
  • Client satisfaction assurance
  • Money back guarantee if client is not satisfied
  • Post-conversion round the clock support

Considering the above points, it becomes simple to judge the skill set of a provider. A fast loading website is important to stay out of the box in the competition which continues to high day by day. Thus, it is suggested creating a list of the skill set of a design to HTML conversion service provider and keeping them in mind while picking up a service provider.

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