PSD to HTML Conversion: All about Transforming Design to Code

November 6, 2017

Gone are the days when PSD to HTML conversion was not demanding and when strengthening foothold on the web was not a rocket science. With the time being competition to have a website included with robust, visually appealing, flexible, cross-platform compatible, and responsive features, continues to high. Nowadays, converting PSD to HTML code is a key to acquire the result-oriented website. It makes your path simple providing readability and expected outcomes, taking less time for coding, and rendering several capabilities. Adobe Photoshop, an often used designing tool to develop creative web design, is not enough to deliver comprehensive website solutions to an online business. The process of transforming design to code can take you to the next level of success but it requires thorough knowledge, practical experience, and error-free coding skills.

Some Free PSD to HTML Conversion Tools:

  • CSS3P3
  • PSD to CSS Online
  • PSD To Web
  • PSD2HTML Converter
  • Jadii
  • PSD Breaker

However, there are some automated tools to ease your task, but they don’t assure to meet your custom needs. Requirements vary design to design, so you cannot always expect quality outcome from these tools. For this, you would definitely need to reach out a dedicated HTML developer who can understand your requirements and deliver what you expected. You can connect with HTMLPLUSCSS, a PSD to HTML conversion service provider, to get the best and reasonable solutions based your requirements.

Converting PSD to HTML – Is it really a good approach!

While converting Photoshop design to HTML markup, developer initiates with the slicing of PSD files that are manually coded later on, to provide them a real-time and professional look. Have you ever thought, why do we have to acquire this popular approach? Is it really necessary to your company or business?

Here is why you need to go with PSD to HTML Development:

  • An effective HTML/CSS conversion service ensures the worldwide accepted W3C norms and follows them throughout the code. Once you are done with slicing, designing, and development, you receive a fully optimized website. This is because W3C validation trusts in HTML.
  • The effectively coded website is fully semantic and easy to understand. It brings huge traffic and provides smoothness to the users when being accessed. An experienced PSD to HTML company ensures the organized structure of the code. Apparently, this transformation boosts the loading speed and the website’s ranking goes higher automatically. Semantic HTML code ultimately helps you make maximum potential customers providing lots of ease.
  • Web pages built with PSD to HTML conversion support almost all browsers. This feature makes the transformation of design to HTML/HTML5 more readable and popular on large scale. Initially, it was supporting Opera only, but you can now experience cross-browser compatibility accessing the HTML converted web pages on other web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, etc.
  • Integration is a superb functionality that you can easily perform with front-end development services. Although you would need an expert to meet your integration needs to the fullest. Whether you want to integrate with a CMS, shopping cart or a specific platform to install advanced features or to acquire extra functionality, you can perform it easily. HTML conversion supports all sort of integration activity.
  • The best way to generating better ranking or leading the competition is SEO wherein keywords, descriptions, and meta tags play an integral role. They explore the possibility of growth for a website. If it is well implemented into your website with HTML/HTML5 conversion services, Google and other search engines will give you weight over others. This is why, when the sites developed by conversion jump into the online market, they rank high and generate considerable revenues.

Mistakes you should always avoid while converting PSD to HTML

  • Closing Tags: Your mistake to not close the tag properly or closing it at the wrong place can lead your website towards inaccessibility and your site may face its severe effects later. It often happens with inexperienced developers but sometimes, in hurry, an experienced developer does so by mistake. Therefore, the best practice is using a closing tag properly at the right place or adding a closing slash to indicate that the tag is closed.
  • Absence of ALT tags: If the image tag and alt is missing in your conversion, be ready to hamper its effects. Your website may not function as it should be. Thus, it is significant to not miss out anything that can make your site professional, reliable and attractive. For this purpose, you can contact a leading PSD to HTML conversion company and get what you wanted.
  • Inline CSS: Do not bundle your HTML code with unwanted CSS as it should be placed in a separate file which you can call through commands whenever needed. Ensure that DOCTYPE is correctly defined because it displays the website well on browsers.
  • Code for Special Characters: You can use special characters in conversion services but with more care. Use them in less quantity as search engines usually ignore to read those special characters.

Lacking somewhere in feature or functionality can cost your business, so why to take that risk. To overcome it, always choose the best PSD to HTML conversion services. Do right conversion to get your site indexed and successful. A lot of things work behind the screen and you cannot avoid even a single of them if you are really keen to get optimal results of your own choices. Hence, it is advisable to invest on a professional PSD to HTML conversion services provider like HTMLPLUSCSS. This company assures you for the reasonable cost, quality, and results and, provides the best support for all its clients with no cost.


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