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August 1, 2016

With the social media revolution, email marketing via PSD to email templates was almost declared dead by many folks. But was this right from business purpose? Of course, Not. It has always been in the industry with myriad opportunities to aid to skyrocket your conversion rates. Nowadays, it reflects an influential image keeping itself behind e-commerce and elevates a number of drives targeting a huge crew. Hence, being a core seed of mobile strategy, this #1 workhorse is all set to give weaving experience required to bring your content in the limelight. Be in touch with HTMLPLUSCSS if you want your business shine and creating a robust foundation; our ideal solutions sustain your growth even in the years to come.

Let’s take a figure of U.S professionals: ( )

  • Nearly 56.9% marketing specialist use responsive templates
  • 9% prefer fluid hybrid designs
  • 9% go with both
  • Around 15.2% neither go with fluid hybrid nor responsive design

Great innovations in technology however have broken the limitation wall, but still a few of us only get succeed. Have you ever thought why? The reason might be a minor thing you are forgetting. Therefore, analyze yourself to be power-packed always and find the reason paying attention on your activities done till now.

No More Recipient Name Required to Show Your Personalized Work

Shooting personalized greetings via email gun might prove harmful, thus practicing it is always not suggested targeting audience. All major concerns behind it include cyber security issues, credit card cheat, and many more related. Personal greetings may seem effective but how much it is, this is still a matter of debate among many consumers.

The email marketing with primary focus consists of relationship as an integral element. How would you build it? There are two factors you should emphasize on to successfully meet chore of targeting potential visitors with this technique:

  • What will be your recipient and do they trust you?
  • Do they know your identity?

As general, too soon familiarity developing approach creates doubt in real life and can cause of worse effect, thus, not suggested applying every time. Play a mind game with email to strong your trust and establish your identity but in a meaningful way. Little more care required to place informative content, to which, discovery is often needed. In the same way, your personalized work will trigger nearly 98% positive response out of 100% consumers.

Target Best Timing Range When Mail Receiving Rate Is On Peak

An ample of quality mails although are being in business hours, but are they also sent in between that timing; is it? The ideal time to perform this activity ain’t from 9 A.M to 5 P.M. Their highest open rate starts from 8:30 P.M, hence suggested sending them between evening 8:00 to midnight so that you can get better response with maximum clickthrough and generate more sales lead.

You must know what’s the optimal time for your emails to get noticed? This is all game of deployment so be active to take stand when possibilities are high to catch on and competition is quite tough.

Email- A Young But Potent Marketing Overtaken Social Media (Twitter & Facebook) Heels

PSD to Email template conversion after getting acceptance from many small to large organizations has now become a wise step to be used. While content is still king of influencing social network users, the result shows significant advantage in terms of brand image. Though it’s just a small drop in the ocean of digital world, but that ocean cannot complete without this integral drop. On research of 119 leading companies and their campaigns, email is able to indulge passion of converting new customers to potential and more powerful than social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc – over 18 months report of SocialTwist Study said ( ).

Probably 300,000 referrals are actually new customers. Out of that, nearly 50.8% became from email and the rest from social media (26.8% from Twitter and 22% from Facebook).

Open Up to Serve Free Content as Consumers Like Something Without Cost

Understand what sort of freebies your receipts want to see in their inbox. Launch something free to use and let your consumers to open and click. Also, be ensured that content entailed into templates is enough capable of catching their attention in just first impression. Try varied type of content putting on your email templates just to test which one gets more readers and maximum clicks as a response. Check this out what kind of content led to the utmost conversion rates and then follow the same scenario in your rest email newsletters.

Many of us whenever received any freebies, the first thing we check; is it worth it? If we don’t find anything unique and useful, simply either delete it or ask “what is it use to me”. Hence, such PSD to email tools & templates enrich brain teasers, photo albums, expert views, beginners guide, eBooks, etc. Kickoff your marketing applying this one of the goal-centric techniques on your own over the list you created to receive the perfect outcomes.

47% Emails Access Through Mobile Devices On Daily Basis

The effective emails produce $100,000 sales every month and approximately $44,000 sales slip from the senders’ hands because of their funky look on mobile devices. So, design the responsive pages that look great on both devices and no matter on what it is being accessing. Let’s share some proven tips for mobile design view:

  • Don’t forget to have call-to-action and make the tapping simpler.
  • It’s obvious to turn the email into single column accountable for cinch mobile fixing.
  • All your buttons pursue standard iOS guidelines (min 44 pixels tall and wide).
  • There is different hand gestures used these days to tap as well as scroll the mail content, keep them all in your mind while designing.
  • Make sure the fonts are visible on smartphones, so keep them in a maintained size to provide better user readability.


Final Thoughts:

Re-arrange your list and strive to make it as huge as possible so that chances of turning them into your reliable customers are incredible. Take a stand of sending free email templates especially in between evening 8 to midnight and if you do the same on weekend, that’s the best. The volume of their opening rate counts quite wide in terms of numbers and along with it, the optimal responses will definitely receive to you as the result. So, do you have PSD designs right now and want to convert it into email templates? We at HTMLPLUSCSS with every indispensable resource are ready to convert PSD design to email templates to the fullest.

Hope, you enjoyed it and liked the tips you can use on your own during the conversion. You might get result you’re looking for, but if you need any help; we are here to help you and serve with the full-fledged solutions. Also, feel free to comment us in case you need to ask or want to let us know something vital we have missed.

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