Responsive Email Templates Tweaks for Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016

October 24, 2017

Online business is closely tied to marketing, as fostering sales over the web nowadays has become a common practice to establish a competitive position in the cutthroat business world. Marketing, an art of generating sales depending on values and promotional skills, also emphasizes on usability and quality of the item/product that you are planning to market. However, several marketing strategies and techniques are out there, such as Blogging, PPC, Search Marketing, etc. but email marketing still holds a flagship of most popular marketing technique. The HTML email marketing template is as easy as making communication physically with the client, getting them to sign-up and sending them special deals whenever needed.

Before developing email templates, it’s necessary to have a good understanding of products/services that company is marketing for and the niche audience, the company is targeting to. If you think that the ways to create responsive email templates and outlook email templates are same, then you are wrong. Both are different and their form of coding varies from each other. It is never expected from a developer to code such email templates that break down as being opened. Therefore, the wisest people choose to hire a dedicated PSD to responsive email template developer or to avail PSD to responsive HTML email template services from a top-notch email template company for MailChimp template design.

If you are creating email template on your own, some vital points are here for you to develop responsive HTML email templates for Outlook 2007 and above versions.

Best HTML Email Templates Tweaks You Cannot Overlook for Outlook

  • Rather using CSS to separate design and content using DIVs, make use of Tables and Space GIF; the good which you can do to forge responsive email templates.
  • Simplicity is a key to success. Follow this way and create design and code for your email template as simple and clear as possible. Indeed, remaining simple but professional in the email template design get the attention of clients.
  • There should be a clear visibility between the background color and background images. If you want to add HTML text to a specific area of an image, experts suggest going with solid colors only, for that specific area. It makes slicing of layout simpler and produces an effective email template.
  • Some of you may know that Outlook does not support padding, but those do not know, need to replace padding with margins, otherwise, you can face difficulty and you have to make amendments later.
  • You will always find an option for the basic style, which comes by default; although it is also advised to manage them inline consisting of tags despite header. There are many things supported for web browsers but it could be possible that the same things don’t work fine with Outlook, hence, keep things as simpler and clear as possible.
  • It is always good to have responsive email template design optimized for the mode called “Image Off” as this is often the default mode in reader’s device if not being changed. A proper balance between height and width should be there so that reader can have the same experience of your content in Portrait as well as landscape mode.

Email marketing considered as a flawed way of connecting with folks who are interested in or have ever shown their interest in can even worse if we choose to shut one’s eyes to it. One-third of e-marketers seem effected by this situation, as 2016 study says. A plenty of email marketers fall in the category of mistakes maker when email marketing is being used, because they tend to send out their emails to all subscribers rather focusing on the email personalization importance. Email personalization is the best thing you can do to enlarge your business reach.

Let’s Take Dive into Outlook Advantages

  • Provides rich features & functionality of HTML and CSS technology
  • Comes with an offline mode support for accessing emails which is possible via Desktop Outlook
  • Renders facility to stay connected with business network and social media platforms
  • Caters responsive functionality to experience a professional experience over mobile devices
  • Supports Windows operating system for desktop/laptop and Android and iOS operating system for mobile devices


Responsive email templates, quite similar to responsive web design, make sure to maintain equally well look & feel on all devices no matter whether they are accessed on laptop/desktop or mobile. Nowadays, the significance of mobile cannot be denied, only can be embraced. HTMLPLUSCSS renders out-of-the-box responsive email templates services detailed with all functionality defined by the clients. Our services never compromise with quality and are always tested and double-checked prior to the delivery.

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