Sketch 47 Beta Released– What’s New for Sketch to HTML

October 4, 2017

Sketch recently launched Beta 47 for designers. This biggest news brings many interesting features to go fast with Sketch to HTML conversion. The updated library lets you share symbols across the documents in order to remain them in sync and up to date.

In the world of web design, however, Sketch is leading over Photoshop, but many companies still feel comfortable and do not want to come out of this zone. This Beta 47 update can be a turning point and can take Photoshop users to be the Sketch side. While we being a designer collaborate within a particular design it becomes monotonous, especially when dealing with elements and text that are at different places (design files).

Maintaining a unique Sketch file consisting of all possible components was quite difficult in previous versions. And, if you ever wanted to update font/color in the design, you often got stucked because no option was available to tackle this circumstance. However, some products such as Lingo Sketch Plugin, Craft Library and Satchel for Sketch are available, but we must say most of them are paid. Besides, none of them is worth of money, as they do not fulfill the need of providing seamless user experience.

A better way has come to the market carrying various exciting features. Let’s have a glance on some of them:

Sketch 47 Usage

In course of usage, Sketch is quite straightforward and keeps the simplicity a key of this release. To help you add Sketch Library, we are going to explain the steps:

  • Have a Sketch file first of all in your hand.
  • You file must contain symbols into it.
  • Add it to your library using the path – Preferences > Libraries.


Image courtesy:

  • The well-organized symbols should appear on the Insert menu within the list.


Image courtesy:

  • The below-mentioned image helps you understand how useful this can be for the designer. You can experience the seamless usage in your Sketch design file.


Image courtesy :

  • Now, if any update happens in your library, the user working on other Sketch files will be notified automatically that somebody is editing.
  • In case you want to make changes in the symbols of your design file, it will ask you to make it in the original document. Nobody holds empower to update symbols in any supporting files.

Make sure the Sketch library you are using is perfectly arranged so that it can entitle you to design the workflow without any limitation.

Wait, This is Beta…Final Version is yet to Come

The newest version, Sketch 47, released in Beta version so it might be buggy, but getting news of its interesting features it has proved that something big is definitely coming with this version.

During testing, I found a couple of downsides and here these are:

  • There is no integration option available of Shape and text styles, but it may be included in the final version. Meanwhile, you can engage with the followings to share coloring palette and text styles across your Sketch files.

          It’s a good practice to have a meticulous and well named Sketch library. If you  follow this for the symbols as well, it is the best way to go ahead and take advantage of features.

  • We found nothing related to the search bar. The search bar can ease your task especially when you have ample Symbols in your library.


The development team of Sketch framework has finally developed something new after a long time that will indeed make the Sketch users happier than ever. We are now able to share the design system and UI elements, all thanks to GitHub and Sketch developers. If you want to add something important, buck up in our comments section. To acquire comprehensive Sketch to HTML conversion services at affordable cost, feel free to contact HTMLPLUSCSS.

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