Privacy Policy

HTMLPLUSCSS remains your information confidential shared with us by any mean. We do not disclose anything about our clients/visitors until they want. Our privacy policy evinces the transparency and commitment we owned towards the clients/visitors who came to anyhow. We guarantee not to share your information with third parties in any circumstances. What is yours will be yours, we never claim on your copyrights. In case your website visitors experience any problem using the web servers we may use their IP address to assist/administer. We never intend to reveal your order details, email address, customers, artwork, and other important information of your business.

Information We Gather and How We Use

From any mean you submit your information is completely safe and never shared. It is submitted on our site ( through product request page, order page, etc. The personal information you provide us includes:

  • IP address – It is used for assisting and fraud detection
  • Email address – It is used to notify and communicate
  • Client Information Request – It includes First Name, Last Name, Location, Contact No, etc.
  • Order related information – It includes client notes, source file, etc.
  • The website information in case you are referred by any web page

Being a professional markup conversion service provider, we keep you in confidence to safeguard your sensitive data and assure you that it will not be updated, sold, shared or disclosed outside except our reliable resources and partners who assist you in your project.

Personal information voluntarily submitted by users is utlized only to complete the project order. We ask email address to notify you about your project & its each phases and to send the occasional HTMLPLUSCSS newsletter. Except this, we don’t use it for any purpose.

Know Your Right

You may receive some marketing emails, occasional newsletters, and RSS feed from HTMLPLUSCSS. But, you have full right to stop receiving promotional emails if you no longer wish to have them in your inbox. For this, you can use ‘Unsubscribe’ feature.

Privacy Updates

Whenever you come to us for any services, you agree with some practices and policies defined under the privacy statements. All rights reserved under HTMLPLUSCSS and, we can update, modify or change information in privacy statements anytime without prior notice if needed. So, we recommend you to go through our privacy policies time-to-time. The subsequent utilize of our services indicates that you are already known with our updated privacy statements and do agree with the terms and conditions.

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